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February 22, 2010

Hey, FUNKY CHICKEN? who?where? @ HAWAIIAN BRIANS @ 2/24/10 @ 7-10PM .

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Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Be my Valentine, Hi….

How are you? I miss you.

Just had to get that out.

Hopefully you’re healthy, and happy and this year is going great for you, despite all the stuff going on in the world. YIKES!!! I hope you have many reasons to celebrate life so you can come down and join me and my band, “FUNKY CHICKEN” at Hawaiian Brians on Wed. Feb 24, from 7-10pm. I KNOW IT’S A WEDNESDAY!!!!! Not ideal, but hey, good excuse to break your routine and have fun in the middle of the week. YOU DESERVE IT!!!! Come on, the leftovers can last another day and you won’t be tired once you come down because you will be given SUPER POWERS once you enter through the doors, like magic you will feel 10, 20, 30, 40 years younger. Yes, the fountain of youth is awaiting you. And there’s no cover charge, what a deal for free 99!

Yes, FUNKY CHICKEN can help you. We are a dance band and play funk, disco, R&B, reggae, blues rock, classic rock, old time rock & roll, rockabilly, Hawaiian, country, and modern rock spanning the 20’s to the 90’s. You’ll really enjoy our dynamic range of styles and our musicians are top notch. Doc, our sax player, is the only sax player I’ve ever seen who can play 2 SAXAPHONES at once. OMG!!!! He’s amazing, but we have a collection of fantastic musician entertainers who are all about having fun on stage as well as off stage, Lanzo on Congas (he’s Puerto Rican, nuff said), Davie on bass (funkiest bass player in town), Harold on drums (he can play anything), Jason on guitar/vocals (he does tricks), and anjj on guitar/vocals (she doesn’t do tricks – huh? ok, bad joke, but she gives lots of hugs which are low calorie, organic, good for your health )

SO, PLEASE COME DOWN….Call me if you can come, please, pretty please, I’d love to hear from you anyway….call me 951-9876

Ok, if you’re not allowed to call me from work an email would be nice. Let me know!!!  Thanks!


Also, thank you for voting for my song “KADEN BOY” it won the SINGLE OF THE YEAR category in the HAWAII MUSIC AWARDS listed in this week’s edition of the MIDWEEK (Feb. 17, 2010 publication) Here is a video of the song, please RATE it if you watch it, there is only one rating at the moment and it’s a one star. Help please. You da bes!!!!

I’m also playing at the Hard Rock on FRIDAY Mar. 5th for a Ronald McDonald charities benefit concert for Kehau Sullivan – a little girl who has huge medical needs and could really use your help. If you’d like to see a great concert and give to a good cause. The suggested donation is $15.00 check my facebook page for more info: tons of musicians are playing that night, at least 14 different groups, including me. Check it out!

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