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July 3, 2007

Jul, 03 2007 – Anjj Rocks Out at a Castle – Burg Satzfey

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What an awesome experience.  I was an hour early to the Blues event that was held in the middle of a mystical little town with a beautiful castle.  I walked around this monumental artifact and thought it should be protected behind glass, it was soooooo beautiful. Arches in the walkways, roses everywhere, a beautiful moat surrounding it and a quaint garden that decorated the perimeter of the moat saying, “time doesn’t exist”. 

The castle was built of brick, the windows with red and white diagonal striped panes, large beautiful windows and doors that a giant could walk through.  Absolutely stunning.  What an honor to play in such a timeless magical place.

It was good to see Harry again.  He puts on such grand events and the people who come to his events are always very appreciative of the music.  They simply sip their beer and watch, nodding their heads and bouncing slightly to the beat of the music. There is rarely any dancing.  It is definitely a crowd that appreciates music.  They watch as though they don’t want to miss anything. And they clap after every song.  Awesome.

The concert hall had so much character.  As I did my soundcheck, I looked around the dark room, fascinated by the decor. Lamps made from the headpieces of medieval knights’ armor, candles stuck in wine bottles illuminated the room beautifully and the flames cast shadows that danced upon the worn red velvet curtains covering the concert halls walls. Gothic chandeliers with candles were lit before the event began, and it was like Dracula could have walked in and felt right at home. Dark, ominous, red, rustic, elegant….stimulating….

Surprisingly, someone knew me and called me by name.  “Anjj!” he cried.  I looked around thinking, what an odd place to have someone recognize me.  I looked carefully, and it was Herr Leucht, my fifth grade teacher from the Hauptschule in Bad Munstereifel.  He read the article about me in the Kolnische Rundschau and came to see me.  Press is great.  There were also 6 photographers there that evening.  Thank you Thomas Schmitz from the Stadt Anzeiger, Johannes from the Kolnische Rundshau, Heins Waldukat, Tom von internet radio, and Marco Schlaeger for the wonderful photos!!!!

It was an awesome rocking time.  How else is it possible to be dripping wet with sweat in 13 degrees Celcius?  Life is good.

:) anjj

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  1. I bet that was a great experience. Please share other exciting thing that happened on your Germany Trip.

    Comment by Brad — August 3, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

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